Why Does My Dog Do This?

Being a dog owner you must have noticed several of the following dog habits and you may wonder why your dog does this and that. Well, you have come to the right place. This article explains some common dog habits and behaviours:

  1. Why does my dog chase his tail?

    You will see this very often with puppies because they are very active at this time of their life and the motion of their tail resembles a prey they would want to chase. If this appears with an adult dog, then he is either begging for your attention or he might has fleas.

  1. Why does my dog dig holes?

    Digging is an instinctive behaviour for dogs.  There are several reasons why dogs love to dig: burying their food, being bored or marking territory. They also dig when they are making a bed as dogs like lying down on the cold dirt.

  1. Why does my dog eat grass?

    One reason is that your dog may be lacking some nutrition from vegetables and grass is the closest thing he can find. Although dogs are carnivores, they do need nutrition from vegetable from time to time.
    It is true that eating grass can sometimes cause the dog to vomit. However, it is still unknown that whether dogs would try to make their stomach feel better by eating grass deliberately.

  1. Why does my dog chew on shoes and slippers?

    Dogs love chewing on shoes and slippers mostly because they smell like you. They also associate shoes with toys as most of their toys are put on the floor.

    In order to stop your dog from doing this, you need to give him a job. Try giving him some little tasks like finding his toys.  As long as you can remove the boredom, the chewing should stop.

  1. Why does my dog pant and stick his tongue out?

    Dogs do not have sweat gland and therefore panting is a way to cool down.  By sticking their tongue out, dogs can reduce their body heat when the saliva evaporates.

    However, this is an ineffective way to cool down.  Always make sure that your dog has a lot of shade and plenty of water in the summer. Never leave your dog in the car alone when it is hot as your car would turn into an oven, literally.

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