L’escargots and Frog-legs!

Its been quite some time since I last posted anything, working at my brother company for a temporary job took up quite a lot of my time. Now I am back to working on Petite Paw and hopefully updates will become regular!

So this year I have noticed that there is more snails and frogs in my garden compared to previous years. Slugs too, so I have to take extra care when stepping into the garden at night.snail shell

This is the common garden snail, enemy to many gardeners. Interestingly, you can eat this snail as it is served in french resataurants. Snails have both female and male reproductive organs so are able to self fertilise. However, they tend to prefer looking for another snail to mate with.

What else can you see?

There is a few animals in this photo. It seems like the stones on the floor serve as a good camouflage. I am surprised with the number of frogs in my garden since the closest pond is a few minutes away. The frogs and toads here grow quite big so even Gin or Cookie won’t mess with them.

Anyway, I know I have more photos in my computer of frogs and such but I’ve yet to find them all so this will do for now and I will upload more photos later.

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