Hi there! AnimalWhoop (Previously Petitepaw.net) is a place for us to inform other pet owners on how to take care of their pets and also for us to talk about our own pets.

When looking for how to take care of my two rabbits, I found information difficult to come across and often very confusing. AnimalWhoop became my project to help others who experienced the same problems as I did when looking for pet care advice. Here, I have written pet care articles based on my own experience and research in the hopes that anyone who needs help with their small animal will find what they need (and more!) on this website.

AnimalWhoop is a growing site, I am constantly writing more articles and information to make life easier for other pet owners, so they can spend less time worrying about how to look after their pets and more time playing with them! So come back often, or better yet, subscribe to us with your email address!