Do cats love their owners? 7 signs that show they may do

Our feline friends are independent and often choose to come and go by their terms. Their aloof attitude to life often leads people into thinking they don’t feel quite the same way about their owners as dogs might feel about theirs. Cats do not show affection the way a dog might but that does not mean they are incapable of affection.

In fact, it would not be justifiable to measure cat affection in the same manner as dog affection as cats are solitary by nature whereas dogs are pack animals.

Here are the 7 signs that show a cat might love their owner

#1. Cats may purr when they are happy and this often occurs when someone they like interacts with them. It is true that cats do also purr when scared but you can tell which one it is by their body language. When I go home after a long day at work, my cats will purr when they see me come through the door, I take this as a sign of love.hobbieG

#2. Cats may vocalise. Mine will make a little ‘brrrrr’ or ‘mrrrrr’ noise as a greeting when they see me.

#3. Cats mark their territory. Not really a sign of love but when your cat rubs her head against you, they are actually rubbing their scent onto you and that tells all other cats that you belong to her. To your cat, you are part of her property.

#4. Cats will seek your attention. They can show that they love you by going to you for attention. This can include asking you for strokes and head rubs and climbing on your lap. Some cats will even try to head-bump your face! Some cats remember what it was like to be a kitten. As a kitten, they would knead on their mother for milk. Some cats will retain this behaviour and knead on humans they love.

#5. Cats sometimes bring presents home for their owners. Owners may see things like mice left by the front door or even in the house! Whilst we do not appreciate this kind of affection, it is evident that cats feel the need to take care of us and that can be a sign of love.

#6. Cat body language can show love. A cat will only roll over in a relaxed position and show their belly to us if they felt comfortable and trusted us. Interestingly, another example of kitty love is shown through blinking. If a cat blinks slowly at you, that’s a sign of love. Cats can also respond to you blinking at them with a blink back.

#7. Finally, cats also show affection by grooming you! Grooming is an intimate thing among cats, and their first memory of being groomed would be as a kitten when their mother groomed them. Cats only groom other cats or people they feel close to so if you see your cat licking you and you are confident you do not have cat food stuck to you, then it’s probably love!

Majority of cats only show these kind of behaviours to their owners, so rest assured, if your cat is doing any of these, then it’s most likely because they love you!



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