What To Do When You Have Found a Wild Baby Rabbit?

Have you found a wild baby rabbit ?

You may see a lot of wild baby rabbits on the field or even in your garden as spring is now on our door step.  Very often you may see the baby on its own, and you might want to take this cute little thing home. I know they are cute but the best thing is actually to leave them alone.

I have seen loads of wild baby rabbits in the field near the train station. They may look like they are on their own (abandoned babies). However, this is completely normal in the rabbit world. Mother rabbits only spend a little time each day to feed their baby and they will leave their baby alone for the rest of the day

.What To Do When You Found a Wild Baby Rabbit

Therefore, the best thing you can do when you found a wild baby rabbit is to leave it alone. Unless the rabbit is injured, it is better to leave them in the wild.

If the wild baby rabbit is injured, you should contact your local vet, wildlife rehabber or rabbit sanctuary for help. If you have handled a wild rabbit, always clean yourself thoroughly afterwards in case of E.C and Myxy.  Also, there are a lot of germs and parasites on wild rabbits and these can be transmitted to your house pet.

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