Trying Out My New DSLR for Rabbit Binky Days

Having had problems photographing my two bunnies (Summer and Nibbles) in action using a digital camera, I bought my friend’s DSLR, a Nikon D3000 at a bargain price of £100. Ultimately, I want to photograph wildlife but while I’m learning to use my DSLR I thought I would practice on my bunnies. These photos were taken before I was fully familiar with the camera’s functions. I used sport mode as I had not yet mastered using manual at the time these were taken.

Nibbles, black and white Dutch

Nibbles rarely binkies far off the ground, much preferring to run madly in circles with head shakes so I was quite happy to be able to catch this one on camera. I love his facial expression here!

Summer, blond butterfly fawn French (?) lop with helicopter ears

Summer is more erratic when it comes to binkying. Whilst he binkies often when free running in the garden, he does it so spontaneously so by the time you have the camera ready to take, it is all over. One second he will be grazing and then BAM! He will suddenly jump up and go on a series of binkies around the lawn. Most likely, my amateur photography skills are to blame however, Summer is really energetic. His binkies involve high jumps with vigorous leg kicking and body twisting.

I wonder if the way rabbits prefer to binky is a personality thing or a breed thing. If anyone has any ideas on that, I would love to hear it! It would also be great to hear about the ways your bunny binky and photos if possible!

Anyhow, here are a few more binky photos:




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