Ramsgate exporting sheep in bad weather

I am extremely disappointed. A few months back, the Associated British Ports had shut down live exports from the ports of Ashford and Ramsgate due to animal welfare being an issue. However, they seem to have started up again during the time I didn’t keep up with the news.

Sheep by Linda N., on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Linda N. 

The RSPCA reported that sheep were loaded onto a ship in appalling weather conditions. It was below zero degrees and there were strong winds, witnessed by RSPCA Chief Inspector Steve Dockery and over 1200 sheep were placed on board a ship that had open sides. In that weather, I am sure you can imagine that those animals had suffered during the crossing. I feel that regardless of the end destination for these poor sheep, a decent humane level of comfort and care should be given to them. People have a moral and ethical responsibility towards animals since our actions have such a huge effect on them.

Luckily for these animals the RSPCA are standing up for them. They aim to stop all live exports and make it so that sheep are slaughtered in the UK instead of outside. You can help by signing the petition on their website to help raise awareness and to let the government know that this matter is just as important as other matters.

Sources: RSPCA. (2013). More sheep sail from Ramsgate in freezing conditions – Details – Media – rspca.org.uk. Retrieved on 28th January 2013 from http://www.rspca.org.uk/media/pressreleases/details/-/article/PressMoreSheepSailFromRamsgatInFreezingCondition22Jan13

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