My Bunnies don’t hop, they walk!

Bunnies hop to move around. They have a set of very powerful hind legs for this reason. My dad said that he had never seen a bunny walk. Now, most bunny owners would have at some point witnessed their bunny trying hard to crawl into a space that is a bit on the tight side. Where there is inadequate room to hop, they would proceed to walk in a rather awkward and ungraceful way. I mostly see mine do this when trying to get in the gap behind the sofa or behind their cages.Summer, right hand first

The photos I have here are not true walking bunnies but look quite funny as they appear to be casually strolling rather than hopping. Whilst bunny hind legs tend to move at the same time, their front paws do not always follow this rule:

Nibbles walking along casually

Grrr... I'm walking towards you!

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