Important! Antifreeze danger!

I mentioned something about antifreeze a week or two ago but after hearing some appalling news, I feel that this deserves front page attention. RSPCA blog updated with some chilling news in the Sevenoaks area and I suggest you read it: Five cats poisoned in same road in Sevenoaks – RSPCA Regional News

Antifreeze is so deadly to pets that you should always clean up a spillage or take action if you suspect a spillage. It doesn’t take a lot of this stuff to seriously harm or even kill a cat. You might not have a cat but it is a good idea to clean up any antifreeze as cats could wander onto your property. If you suspect someone is using antifreeze to poison cats, please contact the RSPCA.

As we are going through a cold snap, more people will be using antifreeze so please be more vigilant and have an eye out for any cat that looks like a victim of poisoning as time is an important factor.

My heart goes out to those poor cats and their owners. Lets hope this was a result of an extremely careless person and not a malicious attack.

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  1. Alex September 9, 2023

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