How to make your own rabbit toys: Vegetable Skewers

You ever bought a toy for your rabbit and find he doesn’t want anything to do with it? The best toys are home made. You spend less and you tend to feel more satisfied when you see your bunny playing with him. Also, this one makes use of all those pesky toilet rolls. If your bunny doesn’t eat the willow stick, you can remake this toy again and again. This rabbit toy is an improvement based on the toy tutorial I did a few months back at this rabbit toys post.

I find the things I create for my rabbits do not last very long because they enjoy the toys so much, they demolish it. But they are easy to make and are good boredom breakers.

How to make your own rabbit toys

Materials you need to make your own vegetable skewer rabbit toys

  • A toilet roll
  • A willow stick
  • A selection of fresh vegetables and herbs – I used broccoli, red pepper, coriander, romaine lettuce
  • A small handful of hay – I used meadow hay with a bit of Readigrass
  • Optional dry herbs – I used dried parsley, you can read about this herb here.

Steps to make vegetable skewer rabbit toys

  1. Poke two holes through the toilet roll at opposite ends. I’ve done my slanted but you can just go right across. Grab your willow stick and slide it in.
    How to make your own rabbit toys
  2. Fold end of the roll over to close it up like I have done on this rabbit toys post. Now you can fill up the tissue roll with some hay and dried herbs. You can also stuff it with fresh vegetables but I would suggest not to as the veg can mould and it’s easy to forget that you placed anything fresh in there. When you are done, fold the end over like before to close the roll up.
    How to make your own rabbit toys
  3. The fun part. Push your vegetables through the willow stick, making sure they are secure. Do this on both ends. I tied the coriander around the stick. The last vegetable I pushed through was the red pepper, this was ideal as it prevented the rest of the vegetables from sliding off.
    How to make your own rabbit toys
  4. Pass it to your rabbit!
    How to make your own rabbit toys

I found my rabbits quickly devoured the fresh parts of the toy and the tube took a bit longer to get into. There are many ways you can alter or add your own touches to this rabbit toy. Comment below and show me your version!

How to make your own rabbit toys
Happy binkies!


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