Home Made Cat Toy – Teaser Toy

Ever stood in the pet shop and looked at all those cat toys, the ones with the stick and dangling string, and thought overpriced? I have several of these toys at home, many were bought by other members of the family. One even had a lifespan of one day as one of my cats grabbed it and ran into the bushes with it. That was the end of that. Cats are hunters by nature and like to chase things that move. Whether it is a professional store bought toy or your shoelace.

As a cat ages, they are less likely to go out and hunt. This can lead to the gaining of unwanted weight, more so for indoor felines. Exercising your cat becomes important to keep them in good shape and to prevent health risks that come with obesity. While pretty toys can be nice, anyone can exercise their pets with the things they find in the house. Now and then, I will write a post on making toys for your pets.

Home Made Cat Teaser Toy


A pen with the sliding clip (that part you can use to attach your pen to a pocket or some paper.) – the sliding clip is optional but preferred.

Home made toys for cats

A long piece of ribbon or string

Catnip spray or powder (optional)


Easy, tie the string around the clip or the pen if the clip is absent. Having the clip means the string won’t slide along the pen.

If you want to, you can use catnip spray or rub in some powder to encourage your cat to play. Not all cats enjoy catnip though.

Home made toys for cats

And that’s all there is to it. Nice and simple, ready in less than a minute using things you probably already have. Now all that’s left for you to do is to test it out on your cat!

Home made toys for cats

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