Coco, over the rainbow bridge

It has been a year and two days since Coco made the journey over the rainbow bridge. I hope they have plenty of food over there, he always did like his food!

Coco the hamster

My hamster was an old boy when he left but he was an active one right until the end. Every night he would insist on running his wheel for a certain amount of time after lights when out. He was also a true hoarder, stuffing his cheeks at lightning speeds. I remember spending a lot of time trying to find ways to keep him happy. We had hamster proofed the bedroom so I could open his cage in the evening and letted him out. He used to run around the room until he was tired and then he would doze for a bit in some quiet corner before returning to his cage.

It seems like I’ll never be able to forget his personalities, little quirks and fluffy face. For something so small, he left a big impression and a bigger gap in my heart.

Coco the hamster

Since Coco was an extremely active hamster, we had to find ways for him to use up his energy. One of the things he often enjoyed were wooden weaved balls filled with a treat like peanut in the shell. Those would occupy him for a bit and he would work real hard to get to the treat.

Coco the hamster

I do miss him a lot and I often think about him. People ask me why befriend an animal with such a short life span but the happiness and good times we had together were worth it and I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

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