10 Ridiculous Facts About Rabbits And Hares

These 10 rabbit and hare facts are quite ridiculous but they are real (mostly). Don’t take them too seriously though.

1) Like dogs, rabbits eat their own poo.

2) In Chinese folklore, the Moon rabbits (rabbits that live on the moon) are the messangers for the Moon goddess. They also use mortar and pestle to make the elixir of life for her. But in Japanese and Korean folklore, the Moon rabbits only make rice cake with the mortar and pestle.

10 Ridiculous Facts About Rabbits And Hares - Moon rabbit

3) In 2008, a student from an Oregon, USA, high school brought the book Rabbit Suicide home and his mother refused to return the book, she was going to burn it instead.

4) Those people who design rabbit costumes have a great potential in making horror movies.  see the scary picture here (warning: contain horror)

5) The longest rabbit proof fence was built in Australia to stop rabbits from moving across the country. However the builders didn’t seem to know that rabbits can jump and the fence was an epic fail.

10 Ridiculous Facts About Rabbits And Hares - Rabbit proof fence

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6) Rabbits can reproduce at light speed.

7) Rabbits are a symbol of fertility and birth. And Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So that we have Easter bunnies.

10 Ridiculous Facts About Rabbits And Hares - March Hare

8) Hares were associated with madness because of their strange behaviour during breeding season which is usually in March. They box at each other and jump with no reason. This is where the idiom phrase “Mad as a March hare” comes from.

9) In the Christian era, people believed that rabbits and hares had something to do with magic and they were the familiars of witches. People also thought that carrying a “rabbit’s foot” could bring luck.

10) Finally, Gay Rabbit is a UK’s leading chat and date TV channel even though there is nothing to do with rabbits.

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